Full-Time Faculty Award

Nominate Bay College full-time faculty

Each year, Bay College awards up to three tenured, full-time faculty members with The Outstanding Educator Award. The award is given in recognition of items such as teaching excellence, institutional service, and student impact. If you have worked with someone who you feel exemplifies the spirit of this award, complete the nomination below.

The award is based on the three categories: Teaching Excellence, Institutional Service, and Student Impact. Refer to the list of bulleted items for each category below that may qualify a faculty member to be considered. Read through them and decide which best applies to the person being considered for the nomination. Then, provide specific and ample evidence explaining how so.

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Category #1: Teaching Excellence

Focuses on quality instruction, knowledge in content area, and use of effective educational practices.

Examples may include the following:

  • Use of innovative instructional classroom strategies
  • Promotion of growth mindset
  • Ability to foster student engagement
  • Provides collegial support, mentoring, and assistance with on-boarding
  • Partakes in professional development opportunities
  • Works to increase student pass rates and persistence

Category #2: Institutional Service

Focuses on faculty who are strong advocates for the college outside of traditional job responsibilities.

Examples may include the following:

  • Has a strong commitment to committee work and institutional positions
  • Participates in several volunteer activities on behalf of the college
  • Engages in extra-curricular activities and student clubs
  • Involved in community service endeavors that promote the college
  • Works on program improvement activities

Category #3: Student Impact

Focuses on working one-on-one with students to help them better their academic and/or personal growth.

Examples may include the following:

  • Assists student(s) in identifying and accessing available college and/or community resources to foster success in academics and life
  • Provides quality advising support
  • Identifies and accesses student services assistance
  • Offers mentorship to students