Transitional Studies

Achieving educational goals

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Students must enroll in Reading, English, and/or Math courses based on placement scores provided at the time of admission.  Some students may be required to take one of our placement tests (see below). Students who do not meet the Reading (R), English (E), and/or Math (M) prerequisites for college-level courses will need to enroll in Transitional Studies (TS) courses.

Transitional Studies courses are designed to assist students in achieving their educational goals. Credits awarded in these courses do not count towards graduation nor are they calculated into a student’s overall GPA.

Placement Guide

Bay College uses computerized assessment tools to determine academic preparedness and satisfy prerequisites. These tools are free to Bay College students. The results are used to place students in the appropriate classes. Students should review the Placement for Success table to determine course placement.


Placement Tests

If students feel that their placement scores do not accurately reflect their ability, they are encouraged to spend some time reviewing subject material and re-take their ACT/SAT or take the Accuplacer (English and Reading) or ALEKS (Math) placement test(s) which are free assessments available in the college's testing centers. For more information visit the Placement webpage.

Placement Consultations

You might want a prep consultation if you:

  • Have been out of school for awhile
  • Have never taken a college-level English or math course
  • Want additional resources to self-study
  • Are looking for test-taking tips and strategies
  • Are unhappy with your current scores
  • Are considering tutoring to help sharpen your skills
Transitional Studies Courses
Course Credits Contacts
ENGL-097W 2.00 2.00
ENGL-098 4.00 4.00
MATH-085 4.00 4.00
MATH-095 4.00 4.00
MATH-097 4.00 4.00
MATH-098 6.00 6.00


Students enrolled in these courses will be advised as follows:

  1. A case load of up to twelve credit hours, including Transitional Studies courses, will be recommended.
  2. During the semester, students will meet with their academic advisors for consultation prior to scheduling future courses.