Health Care

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With a health care education, you’ll be entering one of the fastest growing job markets with endless opportunities for exciting careers. You'll be responsible to care for patients, improving and enhancing their quality of lives. You will use critical thinking skills and expertise you've developed through simulation lab experiences, collaborative clinical settings, and advanced medical environments to make a difference in the world and help those in need.

Course Code Course Title Instructional Delivery Free or Low Cost Textbook
BIOL 225 Medical Microbiology Online  
BIOL 276 Pathophysiology Online  
CMAC 100 Clinical Law and Ethics Online  
CMAC 102 Clinical Safety & Infection Control On Campus Hybrid  
CMAC 104 Clinical Communication On Campus Hybrid  
HLTH 103 Safety in Health Occupations Online  
HLTH 104 Clinical Skills for Hlth Providers On Campus Hybrid  
HLTH 110 Intro to Medical Vocabulary Online  
HLTH 118 Medical Terminology I Online  
HLTH 119 Medical Terminology II Online  
HLTH 205 Nutrition Online  
NURS 114 PN Pharmacology I Online  
OIS 220 Medical Insurance Billing Online  
PHED 144 Effective Stress Management Online  

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