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Why Private Security?

The Private Security Certificate is designed to provide you with an entry-level education and hands-on training to enhance employability in the field of private security. Private security officers protect the safety and security of businesses, assets, employees, and individuals. Private security job opportunities have expanded substantially in size, scope and quality since 9-11. Statistics on the national level indicate that there are more than twice as many private security jobs available than public law enforcement jobs.

Why Bay College?

No other college in the State of Michigan offers a one year certificate in Private Security that includes a hands-on academy that provides certification in areas such as:

  • Weaponry (Including firearms and taser)
  • Chemical Spray
  • Controlled Force

The goal of the Private Security Certificate is to provide you with the basic academic course work, hands-on training, and skill development needed to secure a career in private security. Upon completion of the certificate program, you will have attained hands-on training in the following tactics: weaponry (including firearms), controlled force, chemical spray, and more. You will also acquire an understanding of the U.S. criminal justice system; the processing of juvenile and adult offenders; the trial process; emergency preparation and crisis management; and much more.

Certificate Information
Certificate Options
Certificate/DegreeCompletion CreditsContact Hours
Private Security (Certificate)28.00

Career Opportunities

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