Gina Wollner

Dean of Bay College West

Gina Wollner
  • Campus: West
  • Office: WC 219
  • Phone: (906) 302-3012

Gina Wollner is a proud Yooper who aims to live passionate engaged life in which she faces new challenges bravely and positively. She is a results-driven, extrovert who likes to know the “why” behind the projects she works on. Gina is the sort of person who will add a task to her to do list after it is completed for the satisfaction of crossing it out. She believes in doing the right thing even when it’s difficult to do, working hard and doing her best. She has a Bachelor of Arts from St. Norbert College and is working to help facilitate communication between Bay College, local businesses and organizations by creating partnerships to support Dickinson County’s workforce needs.