“Contemplation:” Works by Patty Gagnon


Painting by Patty Gagnon

Bay College announces the reception for the exhibition, Contemplation, paintings by Patty Gagnon, in the Hartwig Gallery.

Patty Gagnon has been a resident of Marquette, Michigan for 20 years.  She received a BFA/painting degree from NMU in 2015 and a BA in English Literature with an art minor from UC Santa Barbara in the 60’s.  She has also attended innumerable art workshops, including Turkish tile design in Istanbul.  Raised on dam projects around the world, she met her husband in Pakistan.  They continued moving to new places with their 3 sons.  In 2005, she and husband, Harvey, served in the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan.

Artist Statement: Contemplation of Lake Superior leads to conclusions about the surprises of life – change, loss, flaws, and age -- an ongoing, impermanent and irregular process. The rocks are ground away, never perfect, irregular, always in a state of process - becoming something else, never finished, but with a beauty at every stage.  Water presents a changing mirror of color and surface of patterns.  I paint on wood panels and canvas with wax, oil paint, acrylics and collage to capture the atmosphere of a passing moment.   These are reflections on life’s surprises – a journey with unexpected outcomes.

The exhibition of her work can be viewed in the Hartwig Gallery from September 12- November 1, 2018 and the Opening Reception is Tuesday, September 18 at 3 pm.