Leadership Academy Announces 2018/2019 Members


Bay College West Campus has successfully launched their nine month Leadership Academy program. This program centers on developing meaningful leadership skills, understanding opportunities and challenges facing Dickinson County and networking. The twenty-one accepted members are an impressive list of individuals from ten different organizations including:

Megan Barglind smiling

Megan Barglind
Executive Assistant to the Director at Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center

Shannon Barnes smiling

Shannon Barnes
Project Accountant at M. J. Electric

Sarah Blanzy smiling

Sarah Blanzy
Environmental Leader at Verso Corporation

Alexandria Brash smiling

Alexandria Brash
Human Resources Manager at CSA Air

Megan Buck smiling

Megan Buck
Director at Dickinson County Library

Melissa Campbell smiling

Melissa Campbell
Nurse at Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center

Kristina Campos smiling

Kristina Campos
Administrative Assistant at M. J. Electric

Susie Danielson smiling

Susie Danielson
Branch Manager at First National Bank & Trust

Jamie Ellis smiling

Jamie Ellis
Talent Management Specialist at M. J. Electric

Timothy Ellison smiling

Timothy Ellison
Veteran Experience Specialist at Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center

Renee Forstrom smiling

Renee Forstrom
Senior Financial Analyst at BOSS Snowplow

Catherine Gendron smiling

Catherine Gendron
Human Resources Administrator at CCI Systems

Cole Grenier smiling

Cole Grenier
Credit Analyst at First National Bank & Trust

Thomas Gruber smiling

Thomas Gruber
Supervisor at American Axel Manufacturers (AAM)

Amber Lundberg smiling

Amber Lundberg
Academic Support Coordinator at Bay College

Jordan McCrory smiling

Jordan McCrory
Electrical Engineer at Verso Corporation

Dayna Nault smiling

Dayna Nault
Human Resources Administrator Assistant at M. J. Electric

Lisa Patterson smiling

Lisa Patterson
Home & Community Based Care at Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center

Kurt Rosenthal smiling

Kurt Rosenthal
Quality Inspector at BOSS Snowplow

Derrick Ruohomaki smiling

Derrick Ruohomaki
Pharmacist at Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center

Shannon Suheski smiling

Shannon Suheski
Nurse at Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center

The program includes eight workshops running monthly from September through April taught by industry experts, Bay College faculty and consultants. Topics include personal mastery, flexibility/adaptability, interpersonal communications, external communications, customer service, project management, technical skills and organizational stewardship. Each meeting also includes a service presentation from community leaders about local topics such as culture, recreation, history, government, media, economic development, human services, education and how to get involved. For more information on this program visit baycollege.edu.