Bay College Announces Quarterly TORCH Award Winner


Jessica LaMarch, smiling, wearing teal scarf

Congratulations to Jessica LaMarch, Bay College's quarterly December – February 2019 TORCH Award winner. Jessica works at Bay College as the Director of Admissions. She is recognized for her work as noted in the following:

Jessica is nominated due to her conscientious and competent approach to her work. This approach has been highly impactful at the college.  In particular, Jessica has been pivotal in the College’s mission-related efforts to respond to and expand our dual-enrollment/Early College relationships with area high schools.  A natural, pro-active problem solver, Jessica often is the first person to see and to seek fixes for issues that arise with dual-enrollment recruitment, advising, schedule-related needs, and in working with the high schools directly.  As a crucial member of the Dual Enrollment Advisory Team, Jessica has been instrumental in the production of two guidebooks, one for the community and one for in-house use, related to dual-enrollment.  She is passionately committed to the process of on-boarding dual-enrolled/Early College students and has been receptive to ideas and suggestions from the team, as well as a heavily-relied-on source of ideas for the team’s work.  Demonstrating her skills as a leader, her vision for dual enrollment/Early College is both progressive and realistically anchored in achievable results.  Hands down, Jessica makes a substantial difference in the lives of students and at the college, at large.  She embodies the characteristics of and deserves the TORCH award for her exceptional dedication and outstanding performance toward Bay College student success.

The purpose of the TORCH Award is to give personal recognition to those employees on Bay College’s campuses dedicated to the mission of the College because of their attitude, commitment, and dedication toward the higher education learning environment. TORCH stands for: Team Player; Outstanding Performance; Responsive to Others; Conscientious to Mission of Bay; Helpful to All. For one of these areas, or for one specific event or circumstance, please summarize how your nominee has shown the identified characteristic(s) while performing their job and, if applicable, how did their actions/attitude impact your job area. This award is given to one employee on a quarterly basis. Nominations will be accepted from employees, students and the community. Nomination forms for the TORCH award can be found on Bay College's website by visiting the following link: