Bay Math Instructor Helps in Transition


Donna Pericolosi sitting at a desk.

Donna Pericolosi is a motivated professional currently residing in Dickinson County with her husband, Jim and their daughter, Sophia. Mrs. Pericolosi is originally from Manistique, and is the daughter of Star and Richard Lynts. Donna works at Systems Control, as a Project Manager where she oversees multiple complex electrical control building projects from concept to completion. Systems Control actively works to foster a culture focused on a strong foundation of community and loyalty to family, friends, and co-workers. When asked what her favorite thing about her job is Donna responded, "I love the people I work beside.  Everyone is so friendly and we have fun working together.”

Pericolosi began her educational journey at Central Michigan University (CMU) after deciding she wanted to pursue a degree in Engineering at Michigan Technological University (MTU). During her educational pursuit she spent a semester at Bay College, taking advantage of lower tuition expenses living in Delta County. Attending Bay College allowed Donna to prepared for her high-level classes at MTU, which reduced her amount of debt accumulated while receiving an education. Pericolosi credited Spencer Slade, a current Math Instructor at Bay College, in preparing her for a career path in Civil Engineering.

“Spencer was integral in preparing me for MTU. Pre-engineering requires high level math and he gave me the personalized instruction I needed to succeed.” Donna was successful and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2007 and is a registered Professional Engineer in Michigan.

After graduation Donna and her husband, Jim lived in Florida for four years before deciding to move back to the Upper Peninsula. Donna pointed out her appreciation for the sense of community in Dickinson County. “This is a place where people are looking out for one another,” she shared. 

“When living in the city, defenses tend to be up and the automatic response is not to talk to strangers. Living in Iron Mountain offers more intimacy and a close-knit community that a person can feel a part of.” After traveling and holding several professional positions in her career, her advice for students graduating high school is, “Stay persistent and never give up on your goals.  There will be obstacles and challenges along the way.  Know that these difficulties are building your character and establishing grit.  Learn from overcoming each obstacle and keep after your goals and dreams.”