Bay College's West Campus Adds New Sun Lamps on Campus


Female student pictured on couch with lap top under sun lamp.

Bay College’s West Campus added two sun lamps on campus for students to use. The sun lamps are located in the Student Success Center and in the Upper Commons Lounge. 

Sun lamps are used to help with a variety of conditions, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), sleeping disorders, and can help boost your mood. We know winter can be long and with bad weather it’s difficult to get outside and get sunlight. As a result we may oversleep, overeat, and feel fatigued, lethargic or anxious. The sun lamps are a solution to the winter blues, by providing a natural sunny light. The lamp mimics the sun as it shines down, and can be used for 20-30 minutes a day.

 "We are so excited to announce our new sun lamps at West Campus. With the long winter and short days in the U.P., these lamps are a great way to take in the bright light that is essential to our well-being," said Laura Moloney, Director of Student Services. For questions or concerns, Email Laura%20Moloney or call 906-302-3010.