Bay College's 6th Annual Student Symposium


Bay College presents the 6th Annual Student Poster Symposium: A Celebration of Student Learning, on Thursday, April 25, 2019 from 4 PM – 6 PM in the Bay Café. The Symposium is an event that offers students the unique opportunity to showcase their coursework in an open forum by presenting their work in a poster format.  Students display their posters while in attendance, and have the opportunity to explain and discuss their work in more detail if others wish to ask them about it.  At national conferences, the poster format is a very common presentation mechanism used by upper-undergraduate and graduate students. During the Symposium, Bay College students develop their presentation skills, and are preparing themselves for the next level of their education. They are also taking part in something that goes on their resume, all the while getting the opportunity to showcase their work and learn about what others are pursuing at the college. For more information, contact Matt Krynicki at 906-217-4103.