Nikki Knueppel Bay West Brand Ambassador


Nikki Knueppel smiling outside

Meet Nikki Knueppel, our Bay West Brand Ambassador! An Iron Mountain, Michigan native, Nikki spent most of her childhood in Upper Michigan before moving to Southwestern Wisconsin and graduating high school there in 2012. Missing her home state terribly, she moved back to the area in 2014 and has been loving it ever since! Nikki is currently pursuing an English and Human Services degree. She plans to transfer to a four-year university after graduating from Bay College to pursue bachelor's degrees in both English and Human Services. Nikki hopes to find a career in crisis management and is considering becoming a prevention specialist. She also plans to become a published author and teach on a college level later in her life.

Nikki had spent several years considering going to college following her high school graduation but wasn’t sure what degree to pursue. Nikki decided to stop by Bay College and get information on the costs and requirements she could expect, as well as what degrees Bay offered. After deciding there was no reason to keep putting off college, Nikki ended up leaving Bay College enrolled as a full-time student. When asked, Nikki says enrolling at Bay was one of the best decisions she ever made because all the instructors care about the students’ success at Bay.

“Being a student here at Bay is about more than just getting your degree. All of the instructors I’ve had truly care about the students and their success. They’re always checking in on students and suggesting resources where students need them. The curriculum of the classes is at the same level, if not more in depth as any four-year university, so there’s no need to worry about classes being harder when you transfer. There’s no way to slip through the cracks at Bay unless you’re not reaching out to the help offered to you, and I like that about Bay. It’s a community here, and that’s important when you’re balancing family, jobs, and school.”

Nikki also expressed her gratitude for Bay’s Psychology Instructor and advisor, Dr. Crystal Hendrick, as well as Bay’s Sociology Instructor, Terri Doepker, who she says have had a positive impact in her studies and her personal life. “These two instructors have gone above and beyond in making sure I have all the tools necessary to succeed in my studies at Bay. Because of their encouragement and guidance, I’m more successful than I thought I could be. I’ve even become more active in community groups and school organizations because they made me aware of those opportunities. I know I can go to them with any problem I’m facing, in school or in my personal life, and they’re going to do what they can to make sure I have the resources I need so it doesn’t affect my education.”

Nikki is also active in Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society on the Bay West Campus, TRiO, and several other organizations within the community here in Dickinson County. As a single mother, Nikki also spends every extra minute she has with her five-year-old daughter. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, writing, painting, volunteering, and the traditional pasty. On most days, she can be found on the Bay West campus with a smile and a can of diet soda in her hand. She enjoys meeting new people, so feel free to say, “Hi,” if you see her around campus!