Bay College Postpones Artist Talk with Emily Tobin LaVoy


Bay College is postponing the March 19 Artist Talk with Emily Tobin LaVoy until further notice. The “Wilderness” exhibit opened on February 20 in the Hartwig Gallery located in the Catherine Bonifas Building on Bay College’s Escanaba Campus and will be on display until March 31.

Emily Tobin LaVoy is a self-taught fiber artist and spinner. Originally from the Southern United States, she has embraced the adventure of living in the U.P., a place unlike any she has ever experienced. After many years as a Licensed Orthopedic Massage Therapist, Emily decided to follow her lifelong dream of pursuing art as an equal part of her career. She lives just a few blocks from Lake Superior, where she is surrounded by beloved family and pets who support, comfort, and inspire her in daily and professional life.

Artist Statement: “I have been weaving since 2013, bringing a lifetime of painting, drawing, and sculpture experience to fiber art. Natural beauty witnessed in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has inspired my work since the summer of 2018. Close examination during frequent pauses reveal textures in tiny ecosystems of dead trees, patterns of roots and bark, and the dizzying multiplicity of colors in plants, leaves and mushrooms on the forest floor, canopy, and waterways. Returning to the studio, I allow these experiences to speak through me in an intuitive creative process, imparting my physical, emotional, and spiritual experience of Wilderness.”