Dickinson County Restaurant Guide


Our local restaurants operate on tight margins during regular business let alone during a pandemic like coronavirus (COVID-19). While we need to do our part in limiting the gathering of groups in the fight to slow the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing, we can support our local restaurants through carry-out and delivery options. Please consider supporting these restaurants and others who continue to offer carry-out and delivery services. Together we can raise one another up and make a difference.

The contents of this list were checked for accuracy when this article was updated on March 25, 2020. If you’d like to see an update made to this list please Email Gina%20Wollner.

Note: Carry-out and delivery hours may vary from a restaurant's "normal" business hours. Please call the restaurants directly with questions. As always, be kind and tip well.

Restaurant Phone Pick-Up Delivery Drive-Thru
151 Thai Bistro 906-774-2462 Yes No No
51st State Brewing Co. 906-828-2167 Yes No No
A&W All-American Food 906-774-2723 Yes No Yes
Antonio's 906-828-1818 Yes No No
B's Country Cafe and Catering 906-774-4401 Yes No No
Bakery Shoppe 906-774-5000 Yes Yes No
Barb's Cafe 715-528-4219 Yes No No
Big 10 Sports bar & Grill 906-828-1514  Yes No No
Blackstone Pizza Co 906-774-3200 Yes Yes No
The Blind Pig 906-828-1425 Yes Yes No
C & R Bar 715-589-3296 Yes No No
Carlos Cantina 906-774-6355 Yes Yes No
Chippewa Club 906-774-0434 Yes No No
Chuck Wagon 715-696-6220 Yes No No
Crispigna's 906-774-0266 Yes No No
Culver's 906-828-1366 Yes No Yes
Dairy Queen - Kingsford 906-774-2602 Yes No Yes
Damian's Pasta Works 906-774-3058 Yes No Yes
Dina Mia's 715-528-4760 Yes No No
Dobber's Pasties 906-774-9323 Yes No No
Domino's Pizza 906-205-2000 Yes Yes Yes
Double D 715-589-4499 Yes No No
Edelweiss 906-828-2329 No No Yes
Hardee's 906-776-1064 Yes No Yes
Jimmy John's 906-828-1871 Yes Yes Yes
Little Caeser's Pizza 906-774-8200 Yes No Yes
Logger's Bar & Grill 715-674-2464 Yes No No
Main Street Pizza - IM 906-774-5500 Yes Yes Yes
Maxsell's (Opening 4/8/20) 715-528-5511 Yes No No
McDonald's 906-774-8430 Yes No Yes
Mike's on Main Norway 906-563-9919 Yes No No
Mine Shaft Bar & Grill 715-528-5596 Yes No No
Neucup 906-448-5044 No No Yes
Papa Murphy's Pizza 906-779-9105 Yes No No
The Pasty Oven 906-776-0990 Yes No No
Pizza Hut 906-774-7752 Yes Yes Yes
Pizza Oven 906-774-6548 Yes No No
Prime Pasty King 906-774-3945 Yes No No
Randville Bar & Grill 906-542-3801 Yes No No
Recreation Lanes 906-774-9852 Yes No No
Red Brick Inn 715-251-4653 Yes Yes No
Road House 139 715-674-4576 Yes No No
Romagnoli's 906-774-7300 Yes No Yes
Smokler's BBQ & Catering 906-828-2688 No Yes Yes
Solbergs Greenleaf Sports Bar & Grill 906-774-4600 Yes No No
Steamin Joe's Coffeehouse 715-528-5321 Yes No Yes
Storheims Restaurant 906-779-9580 Yes No Yes
Subway - Kingsford 906-779-5293 Yes No Yes
Taco Bell 906-779-5800 Yes No Yes
Talons Super Club 906-563-1730 Yes No No
Wendy's 906-779-0921 No No Yes
Woodward Bar 906-774-2575 Yes No No