Bay College Announces Quarterly TORCH Award Winner



Photo Caption: Lindsey Slifka, Bay College TORCH Award Winner

Congratulations to Lindsey Slifka, Bay College's quarterly (June-August 2020) TORCH Award winner. Lindsey is a part-time Instructor for the EMT/Paramedic Program at Bay College. Besides teaching at Bay College, she is an EMT-Paramedic Instructor/Coordinator, Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor, Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor and Basic Life Support Instructor. Lindsey also holds multiple certifications including: International Trauma Life Support, Emergency Vehicle Operations, and is a State of Michigan Fire Fighter. Additionally, she presents to multiple organizations on human trafficking and is a member of the Upper Peninsula Human Trafficking Task Force.

Lindsey was nominated by one of her students for going above and beyond to support a student who missed class for several weeks due to a personal situation. Lindsey set up a live stream of her lectures to enable the student to attend class while 500 miles away. She also checked in with this student weekly to make sure she was understanding the material.

She is recognized for her work as noted in the following: “Lindsey is an excellent instructor and truly cares for her students. She meets with each student individually every two to three weeks, to make sure things are ok and to offer resources or advice. So even when there is not a crisis situation, she is checking on her students. She wants us to succeed! She also works to promote and provide a team atmosphere among our class.”

Lindsey’s commitment and dedication in making student success a number one priority has proven to be very successful for the EMT/Paramedic Program.

The purpose of the TORCH Award is to give personal recognition to those employees on Bay College’s campuses dedicated to the mission of the College because of their attitude, commitment, and dedication toward the higher education learning environment. TORCH stands for: Team Player; Outstanding Performance; Responsive to Others; Conscientious to Mission of Bay; Helpful to All.