Bay College Provides Platform for Art and Design Careers



Photo Caption: Digital Photography 2 student, Olivia Capodilupo’s Winter Semester Art Show submission titled “Staying Home”

An education in art and design from Bay College offers more than just classes in painting and ceramics. Opportunities for instruction in web design, digital photography, graphic design, and illustration expose students to various careers in the growing field of art and design.

An Associate of Arts degree from Bay College in Art and Design provides the foundation for students who wish to transfer to a 4-year college or university. Students will learn that art and design is an action process; they will make mistakes, learn, and explore new ideas, and analyze the complex systems and relate them to a multitude of disciplines.

Students are exposed to art exhibits right on campus through the shows in the Besse Gallery and the Hartwig Gallery. Additionally, Bay College hosts visiting artists exhibits as well as artist talks from local, regional, and national sources. Bay College Instructor Kristine Granger, who specializes in mixed media art, is passionate about helping students succeed. “I love when I can see students grow from the first day of class through to graduation. To know they are happy, confident, and ready for the future is an honor to be a part of,” states Granger.

Online instruction has proved to add a dimension of creativity to the program and is very interactive. Painting classes can now be held where the student is most inspired allowing for a broader range of fluid creativity on the student’s part.

Each semester, Bay College hosts a student art show in the Besse Gallery showcasing student’s works of art, and on West Campus. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Winter Semester art show was published virtually. Students entered their work in several categories including digital photography, painting, and visual structures. The 2020 student art exhibit can be viewed on the College’s website under the Arts and Culture section.

Granger has seen students go on to become successful set designers, photographers, web designers, and graphic designers. She attributes part of that success to the diverse coursework provided at Bay College that allows students to transfer to a 4-year college or university with ease.

For more information on the Art and Design program at Bay College, or to apply for the Fall semester, please visit the Bay College website.