Bay College Offers “College 101” Online


Bay College and the Delta County College Access Network team up each year to host an informative event for high school juniors as a way to kick-start their upcoming college adventure. This year, Bay College will host “College 101” online for all to benefit from.  Informative videos will be available online at the Bay College "College 101" web page. Topics covered include: the college application and acceptance process, understanding college lingo, transferring college credit, financing college, college preparation for high school students, advice on choosing a career path, and choosing a college.

Additionally, Admissions will host a live Facebook event at 3:00 PM Eastern time on Monday, June 29 on the Bay College Facebook page. Questions about preparing for college and how to become a student at Bay College will be answered.

“As a community college, we are passionate about meeting students where they are at and providing resources,” says Jessica LaMarch, Director of Admissions. “This time of looking at how we connect with students has given us new perspective on how we can continue to expand the reach of those we serve. Moving College 101 online opens up this information beyond high school juniors. We can serve families and adult learners as well.”

Questions for the Facebook live session can be posted in the “Admissions Live” event on the Bay College Facebook page.