Bay College Mechatronics & Robotics Systems Program Propels Students to Success


Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field involving mechanical, electronic, computer, robotic, and control systems. The associate degree program offered by Bay College prepares students with the technical knowledge and skills needed to install, repair and maintain electromechanical, fluid power, process control, or robotic systems.

Students will have the opportunity to do hands-on learning in a grant-funded equipment lab where they will work on models of a multi-stage assembly line. Eligible students can also complete a Co-op or Internship in the area of Mechatronics and Robotics Systems to gain real-world experience that can benefit them in future careers.

Mark Highum, program instructor states “It’s an ever-changing field with new technology developments occurring nearly daily. Employers are looking for the latest technology and applications to put in to use and we teach those systems at Bay College.”

Courses cover the fundamentals of robotics, fluid power, basic machine tool operation, electrical motors, motor control systems and programmable logic controllers. Students will also work on models of a multi-stage assembly line, including building to print, configuring the hardware, and programming the operation.

One company that has incorporated Bay College’s Mechatronics program into its workforce development is Lake Shore Systems, Inc. located in Iron Mountain, Michigan. Lake Shore Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures defense and mining equipment that is deployed across the globe. They have hired high school graduates and enrolled them in Bay College’s mechatronics certificate program to create a pipeline for their Field Service Technician position. While the students attended classes they worked part-time with starting wages between $15.00 and $18.00 per hour along with tuition reimbursement options.

Bay College graduates of the Mechatronics and Robotics Systems program will be prepared for immediate employment in a wide variety of jobs in a steadily growing field. Fall classes at Bay College begin August 17, 2020. Interested students can apply online at the Bay%20College%20web%20site. For more information, Email Mark%20Highum or call 906-217-4083.