MIOSHA Conveyors – Hidden Hazards Training Offered at Bay College


Bay College Training and Development will be offering Part 14 – Conveyors for General Industry, on Thursday, October 29 from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM. This dynamic one-day seminar is intended for employers committed to ensuring their facility meets or exceeds the requirements for employee safety contained in MIOSHA General Industry Safety Standard, Part 14 Conveyors.

Attendees will recognize, from multiple examples, the types of conveyors commonly found in the workplace; detect the associated hazards that employees are potentially exposed to, identity the appropriate guarding and worker protection for those hazards and review the safety related design, electrical, and specific provisions for the identified conveyors. Group activities will allow for evaluation and analysis of fatality case studies for contributing factors and rule violations.

The cost of this in-person training is $130.00 per person, and includes lunch and course materials. To register, or view additional course offerings, visit the Bay College Training and Development web page. For questions or more information, call 906-217-4200.