Bay College Hosts Virtual Fundraiser to Break Down Barriers


Bay College students often identify financial support as the largest barrier to attending college and completing a degree. Throughout the years, the community has generously supported many fundraisers hosted by the Bay College Foundation to help break down barriers that students may face when attending college.

This year, in the midst of a pandemic, the look and feel of fundraising has changed. Bay College is committed to creating opportunities to help students bridge financial gaps - funding a final class, covering emergency needs, eliminating food and housing insecurities, removing employment barriers and supporting student success.

The Bay College Foundation is asking the community to band together and support the Educate All Extravaganza, a virtual fundraiser the first of its kind in this area. It’s fun and easy!  Visit the Educate All Extravaganza web page and for $20.00, select a square (or multiple squares) on the giving board and upload a selfie or one of our pre-loaded images to build a memorable Educate All mosaic. For added fun, there are hidden treasures behind some of the squares, and if your square matches a treasure, you will be notified at the end of November.

We hope you participate in Bay College’s first virtual fundraiser to help break down barriers to student success. Have fun, and share the event with your friends and family.  If you have questions, please contact the Bay College Foundation at 906-217-1700 or Email.