Kaiylah Hanninen is the Deo Gallery May 2022 Award Winner


Kaiylah Hanninen artwork

Bay College announces award winner Kaiylah Hanninen, by highlighting her work on Bay College’s website.  Please check out the link below to view Kaiylah Hanninen’s award winning work! https://www.baycollege.edu/on-campus/arts-culture/kaiylah-hanninen.php

Deo Gallery’s May 2022 Exhibit featured over one hundred local student artists from Marquette Senior High School (Instructor Jake Fether), Negaunee High School (Instructor Kimberly Schefchik), and Ishpeming High School (Instructor Alexandra Trotter).  This vibrant exhibit offered all different types of art styles and mediums, including ceramics, acrylics, portraits, pencil drawings, and watercolor.

Kristine Granger, Art Faculty and Fine Arts Coordinator for Bay College, chose Kaiylah Hanninen as the award winner, a Sophomore at Negaunee High School.  She received a $100 gift certificate from Michael’s for art supplies, a feature page, and an online exhibition highlighting her work on the Bay College website.  This is the first time Bay College was asked to sponsor an award

Kristine Granger states, “Kaiylah is strong in both her technical and conceptual abilities. Her work immediately stood out, she is a talented and inspiring artist.”

Artist Statement

“My work explores and is inspired by ideas commonly overlooked in life, including my own experiences and perceptions of the world around me.  I am also inspired by lesser-known artists and music.  The art I create reflects the abstractionism of how our brains work and think.  I am an artist because I want to evoke emotions, memories by creating new perspectives.”