Bay College Highlights Artist-Deborah Abramson’s “The White Pantsuit” This Month


Deborah Abramson’s “The White Pantsuit”

Bay College is honored to display artist- Deborah Abramson’s donation to the Bay College Art Collection, The White Pantsuit, in the Besse Gallery for The Celebration of Women’s History Month.  The White Pantsuit received the 1st place award at Bonifas Art Center for Northern Exposure XXVII-2020, 1st place at the Alberta House’s April Exhibition- 2021 and People’s Choice Award at North of the 45th, 2021.  The White Pant Suit was also requested to appear at a reception for Governor Whitmer.

Artist Bio

I began my journey with glass 18 years ago. Always a “dabbler,” I had been with bead weaving and finding it difficult to find unique beads to accent my pieces.  The solution was to take a glass lampworking class with area artist Beth Cox. Little did I know, I became addicted to fire and glass.  My search for an artistic voice has led me to glass blowing, lampworking, molding, fusing, wire weaving and back again to bead weaving.  I have always believed in the need for a passion in life.  Glass has supported me during my professional career as a critical care/ED nurse.  It has provided me with a strong and nourishing group of friends.  Lastly, glass has eased my way into retirement.

Artist Statement

The White Pantsuit Project began as a way to manage the negative emotions I was experiencing during the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election, specifically those regarding women’s issues.  The related women’s protest marches of 2017 and 2018 stimulated my interest in the history of Women’s Suffrage and Liberation movements.  At the same time, I was searching for a way to meld my two favorite artistic media: Peyote Bead Weaving and Lampworked Glass.  Over the four years it took to complete this piece, negativity gave way to the desire to honor all women who have contributed so much to advance women’s rights.

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