A collection of Bay College student writing and artwork.



Ser-en-dip-i-ty (ser’ en dip’ e te) n. [coined by Horace Walpole (c. 1754) after The Three Princes of Serendip (i.e. Ceylon), a Per. Fairy tale in which the princes make such discoveries] an apparent aptitude for making fortunate discoveries accidentally

Ser’en-dip’ i-tous adj.

Serendipity (ser’ en dip’ e te) n. a collection of student writing and art from Bay de Noc Community College funded by the Student Development Fund and the Arts and Humanities program.

Submit Your Work

Do you enjoy writing poems or essays, drawing, or creating other forms of art? If so, submit your work to Bay College's Serendipity publication. These can be items done as part of a class or on your own for enjoyment. This is a great chance to see your work in print as well build your resumé and portfolio!

Poems, essays and other writings need to be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Submission deadline is Monday, February 21, 2022. For more information, email Jennifer%20McCann or Kristine Granger.



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