Leadership Conference

Developing community leadership

2019 Leadership Conference

Thursday, May 23, 2019
8:00 AM - 3:30 PM (CT)
PRICE: $99

This year’s Bay College Leadership Conference will center on the theme of leading where you are. We often think of leaders as holding lofty titles, but many great leaders begin their work at the grassroots level, inspiring those around them by using resources to make a difference in their environment. It’s not your official title that makes you a leader -- it’s recognizing an issue or a place where there is room for innovation or improvement, and leading from where you are right now.



Who should attend?
Individuals who are interested in developing and honing their leadership skills.  The purpose of this conference is to re-energize leaders to get their wheels spinning on how they can make a positive different in their workplace and community.


7:30 AM to 8:30 AM – Registration and Networking Coffee Social

8:30 to 8:40 AM - Welcome

8:40 to 10:10 AM – Keynote:

Lead Where you Are
Presented by Dr. Joe Sanfelippo
“I’m just...It’s a phrase we hear all the time. I’m just an accountant, I’m just an assistant, I’m just an engineer, I’m just a welder….the list goes on and on and is always followed by reasons something CAN’T happen. Leadership is not a title, it’s an action...and it starts from within. Identifying leadership traits in yourself changes your mindset when thinking about leading those around you. Part of our responsibilities as leaders is to identify leadership traits in others. We need to be better talent scouts in our organizations. The opportunities are endless for those who choose to lead...it’s our job to find those traits, focus our efforts on growth opportunities, and foster an environment where everyone has a chance to lead. This fast paced and engaging session will help you identify your own leadership traits and implement practical ways to increase your capacity to find them in others.

10:10 to 10:20 AM - Break

10:20 AM to 11:40 PM -- Break out session: Attendees will select one of the following

  • 1A. Why knowing yourself is Essential to Leadership. What’s the Value in a DiSC Assessment?
    Presenter: Bridget Kennedy, HR Director at Systems Control
    What makes you tick, what energizes you? What are you good at?  What stresses you out and prevents you from being the best version of yourself? Self-aware leaders continually ask themselves these questions and then adjust their leadership styles in order to realize their maximum potential.  They are curious, seek out information and welcome feedback – the good, bad, and ugly. Developing and practicing self-awareness may not get the attention that it warrants, yet it is one of the most important skills leaders can do to raise their own and their organization’s performance. During this workshop you will learn about the DiSC Assessment and how it can serve as an effective tool for self-awareness and ultimately, a strong culture of accountability, teamwork and growth.

  • 1B. Achieving and Setting the Right Goals: Get the right things done
    Presenter: Joe Smith, EVP - CCI Systems
    Have you thought about what you want to be doing in five years' time? Are you clear about what your main objective at work is at the moment? Do you know what you want to have achieved by the end of today? To accomplish your goals, you need to know how to set them. You can't simply say, "I want" and expect it to happen. In this workshop you will learn that goal setting is a process that starts with careful consideration of what you want to achieve, and ends with a lot of hard work to actually do it.

  • 1C. When you Change your Thoughts You Change Your Life – Workshop
    Presenter: Connie Tresedder, Mindset Coach, Author, Speaker; Contagious Life & Purpose
    Because mindset matters. Have you ever said something out of anger that you later regretted? Do you let fear talk you out of taking the risks that could really benefit you? Does worry overwhelm your mind at times? If so, you're not alone. Your thoughts cause you to experience emotions. When you control your thoughts you will also control your emotions instead of them controlling you. You will gain tools to apply so that your mood doesn’t determine how you interact with people, how much money you spend, how you deal with challenges, etc. You will be able to live each day with more joy, more peace, more clarity and less stress!

11:40 to 12:20 PM –  Lunch & Networking

12:20 to 1:20 PM – Leadership Panel
Attendees will gain lessons learned from some of Dickinson County’s leaders. Questions will center on each panelist’s journey and how they navigated and stepped up as a leader throughout their journey.

  • Moderator: Paula Craven, Director of Iron Mountain’s Downtown Development Authority
  • Panel:
    • Jessica Frost, President and CEO of Lake Shore Systems
    • Dave Brisson, Trashman and President of Loadmaster
    • Steve Roell, RPH, President of TDS, Inc.

1:20 to 1:30 PM – Break

1:30 to 2:50 PM –| Break out session: Attendees will select one of the following

  • 2A. Own your story – Why your personal brand matters
    Presenter: Mark Klossner, VP of Marketing at BOSS Snowplow
    For anyone interested in having a successful career, whether you're a job seeker, consultant, student, employee or entrepreneur, your personal brand is everything. It's your reputation, the size and strength of your network, and what unique value you can contribute to a company or your clients. In this workshop you’ll learn the steps to identify, hone and maintain your brand.

  • 2B. The Secret Sauce: Four Traits of an Effective Leader
    Dr. John Fornetti, DDS, Owner of The John Fornetti Dental Center
    Being a leader isn’t easy and becoming a good leader doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to cultivate and think strategically about the big picture. During this workshop we will discuss the secret sauce that makes a leader great and answers the questions: What are the key traits that evoke respect from team member and how to you develop a culture where the team works hard to carry out the dream of its visionary?”

  • 2C. Activity-Based Workshop: Difficult Conversations
    Presenter: Dr. Crystal Hendrick, Social and Behavioral Sciences Instructor at Bay College
    All leaders have difficult conversations at some point in time, whether it’s telling an employee bad news, disciplining poor performance, or even letting someone go. Having difficult conversations may never be easy, but there are ways to make those conversations both productive and as painless as possible. In this workshop you will participate in a round robin activity where you will role play different scenarios, discuss learnings and rotate into a different scenario.

2:50 to 3:00 PM –Break

3:00 to 3:30 PM – Closing Remarks & Evaluations