Online Training Courses

Non-credit training and educational opportunities

Bay College’s Workforce Training Division offers high quality, non-credit career and workforce training to improve professional and occupational skills.

Industry certification, professional development, skill development, continuing education credits and personal enrichment are offered at Bay College in a variety of online formats: self-paced, accelerated instructor-led, and online demand hybrid. Through our programs and classes, you can receive the training you need to maintain a licensure requirement, increase competency for career advancement, obtain new skills for career opportunities and strengthen your position in your current career.

Our non-credit programs are developed in close collaboration with our strategic partners and market demands. If you cannot find what you are looking for, call us and we can assist you with finding the program you need to be successful.

Bay College offers lifelong learning classes just for fun or to learn something new. Our online classes are designed to enhance personal growth and enrich the quality of life of our community members. Our classes are offered as self-paced or instructor led.

Accounting and Finance

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Art and Design

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Business and Leadership

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Green and Renewable Energy

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Healthcare and Allied Health

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Industrial and Skilled Trades

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Information Security

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Legal Studies

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Technology and Computer Programs

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Other In-Demand Industry Training

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