Maryanne Gibler


Maryanne Gibler sitting at an office desk smiling

Maryanne Gibler, an alumni of Bay College West, has worked her way up to being the Equal Employment Opportunity Manager at the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center in Iron Mountain, Michigan using Bay West as a stepping stone.  Gibler began her career at the VA Medical Center in June of 1983 at 16 years old.  Her career began as a student intern under a government program called the Student Career Experience Program.  In 1999 the Director of the hospital encouraged her to consider taking night classes at Bay College West Campus because he felt this would complement her work experience.

Gibler called Bay College to inquire about the possibility of obtaining a degree while working full-time with two young children at home.  She will never forget the conversation she had with Laura Maloney, Director of Student Services at Bay West.  Maloney not only gave her encouragement, but she helped make her education a reality.  Before the telephone conversation ended she was already enrolled into the winter semester and immediately started working on her Associates of Applied Science Degree in Marketing.

Training has been continuous for Gibler as she successfully completed courses through Michigan Technical Education Center, United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Workforce Management and Consulting Office, Management Support Office, Veterans Health Administration, and National Center of Organizational Development.  In 2007 she was awarded the Federal Women’s Program Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of her civic contributions to further the status of women.  Her most recent accomplishment was gained on May 7, 2015 when she was awarded the status of Competent Communicator through Toastmasters International.

Gibler chooses to live in Dickinson County because she wanted her family to have a sense of community.  She appreciates being connected to her roots as she has always lived in the area and family is very important.  “The VA Hospital is very much like a small town – the people are friendly, the workers understand that to accomplish a job everyone must work together and finally, yet most importantly, my job has always involved helping veterans for which there could be no greater cause.” shared Gibler.

Gibler’s whole family is a strong supporter of community college.  Her husband, Michael Gibler, graduated with a Wastewater Purification Degree from Bay College, her daughter, Rachael Gibler, graduated with a Science Degree in Pre-Natural Resources and Sustainability from Bay, and her son, Wyatt Gibler, is currently enrolled for Financial Risk Management.  Gibler and her family often look back and attribute their success to encouragement from local educators.