Bill Marmalick

Foundation Board Vice President

Bill Marmalick
Bill Marmalick has been actively involved with the Bay College Foundation Board for about 30 years. As the board's Vice President, he is responsible for running meetings in the board president's absence.
Currently, Bill is semi-retired, but he continues to own Delta Appraisal Services. He also founded and was the owner of Premier Real Estate; however, he has since sold that business.
According to Bill, he first became interested in Bay College in the early '90s. At that time, he was approached about the possibility of helping the school plan a fundraiser.
"Carolyn (Bissell, the Executive Director of College Advancement at the time) came and asked me to serve on the golf committee for the golf tournament that Bay College has. I was on the original committee that started the golf tournament 30-some years ago," he said.
Soon after, Carolyn asked Bill if he would be interested in serving on the foundation board. He agreed and has been a member of the board ever since.
Over the years, Bill has been on many local boards, some of which he is still a member of and some of which he no longer serves on. He said being a member of the foundation board has been a highlight of his service career.
"I've enjoyed it - it's fun working with the other board members and watching the endowments grow. It's one of the boards that I'm on that I enjoy the most," he said.
The foundation reached a major financial milestone roughly five years ago.
"Growing the amount of money that we manage to over $10 million has been our biggest accomplishment that I can think of," Bill said.
In contrast, the foundation's assets were about $3-4 million when Bill started serving on the board.
Along with this, Bill said he is proud of the foundation's overall mission and what it accomplishes on a yearly basis.
"There's a lot of kids that have been able to go to school and get a degree and go on to further their education because of the foundation," he said.
On the foundation board, Bill has served in the Vice President role for three years.
"Basically, if John (John Anthony, the Board President) is not there, I take over for him," he said of this role.
His son also attended classes at Bay in 1997 and 1998.
Regarding his future plans, Bill said he aims to continue serving on the board for some time.
"I'm just planning on sticking around for a while longer. I like it - I enjoy the meetings and the people on the board, and I immensely enjoy helping the kids," he said.