Crystal Hendrick


Dr. Crystal L. Hendrick at Bay College West

Getting to know Dr. Crystal Hendrick

What is your title at Bay College?

Social and Behavioral Sciences Instructor (I teach Psychology)

Where are you from?

I am originally from Superior, Wisconsin but other places I’ve called home are Menomonie, WI, Milwaukee, WI and Marinette, WI.  I am looking forward to exploring the UP!

What school(s) did you attend?

I attended K-12 in Superior, WI. As an Undergrad I went to UW-Superior, I then had one tough semester at UW-Green Bay and graduated from UW-Stout. I did my masters and Ph.D. work at UW-Milwaukee.

What did you do prior to teaching at Bay?

Prior to teaching at Bay I was teaching at UW-Marinette for nine years.  I taught Psychology and Gender and Sexuality Studies.  Prior to that I was working on my Masters and Ph.D. in Milwaukee, but I also taught at Cardinal Stritch University and UW-Milwaukee. I have had a lot of jobs before and during those years including: waitress, switchboard operator, wedding photographer, salesperson at a uniform store, bank teller, mailroom worker, research assistant, nanny, and wedding officiant.

Why did you decide to become an educator?

Oh man what a long story… Throughout most of my life, two things have been constant: my enthusiasm for this subject I have come to know as Psychology and my deep compassion for others.  Teaching has given me a natural outlet for these two passions in my life.  I’m not sure where I would be if I didn’t have teachers and professors who loved their work, encouraged real learning, cared about their students and believed in strong mentorship.

What are you passionate about?

Family and Friends. Equal rights and equal access. Community. The Environment.

What’s something about you that would surprise people?

I once waited in line for 36 hours to see Star Wars Phantom Menance. I am a wedding officiant. I have never been to Canada, but have been to Mexico, Bahamas and the Netherlands.

What’s the best Halloween costume you ever had? Why?

Crystal Hendrick dressed as Marceline the Vampire Queen

A punk rocker in the third grade, my cousin came over and did my hair and makeup, and no one else had a costume like I did.  More recently, after my son was born we dressed him up as Finn the Human, my husband went as Finn the Bear, and I went as Marceline the Vampire Queen (all from Adventure Time). This year we are doing a Star Wars theme!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
  1. Life is too short to buy green bananas.
  2. Not my circus not my monkeys.
  3. You are in charge of you.