Alexander Williams


Alexander Williams

As a Bay College freshman and art major, Alexander Williams has been able to work on both his study skills and his social skills. Though he did not initially plan on going to a traditional college, his experience at Bay has been a positive one so far.

In 2020, Alexander graduated from Gladstone Area High School. However, he did not sign up for college classes right away.

“I went into the military, actually – I was in for two months and got out with depression. Then I came home and started working until I got to go to college this fall,” he said.

At that point, Alexander had to choose between two Upper Peninsula-based colleges.

“Bay and Northern Michigan University were the main schools I wanted to go to once I decided to go the ‘normal’ route,” he said.

Alexander ultimately chose to start his college education at Bay College due to its lower costs for tuition. He officially became a Bay student at the start of the fall 2021 semester.

With his first semester nearly completed, Alexander said things have been going well for him at Bay over the past few months. He has especially appreciated the support services available to Bay’s students.

“I fell behind a little bit, but I had help figuring that out and found the resources to work past it,” he said.

As part of this, he has been going to TRIO for tutoring.

“I’m not very coordinated when it comes to having a set plan for working on things. They helped me make a plan,” Alexander said.

In addition to his studies, Alexander has been working to build his social life as a Bay student. He has had a chance to meet new people and join clubs at the college, including the school’s clubs for anime and Dungeons & Dragons.

Alexander hopes to earn a degree at Bay before taking the next step in his educational journey.

“My main plain is to go from here with an associate degree in art to Northern and go from there,” he said.

Looking further ahead, he is still thinking about what he wants to do after college.

“The area I’m going for is very broad. I want to be a graphic designer, but there’s room to change,” Alexander said.