Collin Farnes


Collin Farnes wearing a headset

A Bay College freshman, Collin Farnes is majoring in pre-professional health with plans to eventually get a bachelor’s degree in the medical field. He started attending classes at Bay in the fall 2020 semester.

One of the biggest reasons why Collin started his college education at Bay was to save money –which was especially important since he said getting a degree in his chosen field can be costly. While he had looked at other schools, he ultimately found that Bay was the right pick for his needs.

“Even with some of the scholarship offers, Bay was far more affordable for me,” Collin said.

Although he graduated from Gladstone Area High School, staying close to home was not one of the reasons why Collin decided to start taking classes at Bay. However, he has come to appreciate being able to continue living in the area – particularly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Initially, I didn’t really care. But with this pandemic, I’m really glad to just be able to go a really short distance,” he said.

Collin has been pleased with Bay’s response to the pandemic. Along with requiring mask-wearing and following social distancing guidelines on campus, the college’s efforts to continue operating safely at this time have included an increased emphasis on online and hybrid classes.

“If I ever do get exposed, I can still be at home and I can still do all my school (work),” he said.

Though he just started his college education this semester, Collin has felt like he is on a good path going forward.

“Based on how things are going so far, it’s looking good,” he said.

He noted his courses have been more challenging than his classes in high school. Despite this, the level of support he’s received in his first few months at Bay has helped.

“They gave me a co-advisor and an advisor to help me build the right schedule,” Collin said.

Furthermore, Collin said Bay’s relatively small size has allowed him to get help whenever he needs it.

By the end of the winter 2021 semester, Collin is aiming to graduate with an associate degree in science with a concentration in pre-professional health. He has already begun making plans for his future after leaving Bay.

“I plan to transfer to either Central Michigan or Michigan Tech – I just haven’t decided which one of those yet,” he said.