Darin Smith


Darin Smith with son Dano

Darin Smith, also known as Turk, was born in the Upper Peninsula at the Kincheloe Air Force Base. His mom was from Sault St. Marie. His dad was from Oklahoma and was stationed at the Kincheloe Air Force Base. He grew up in Pasadena, Texas; Kenosha, WI;  Manitowoc, Wisconsin and Sault St. Marie, Michigan.  Darin attended Pasadena High School and Sault Area High School.  

Darin chose Bay College-West Campus to obtain a degree in Business.  Darin’s business philosophy is that, “You have to make someone else money before you make money.  If the company is doing well, you will do well.”  He would love to enter into a restaurant partnership because he enjoys the responsibility of cooking and managing kitchens.  Cajun food and home-style cooking are Darin’s specialties. He prides himself on cooking wholesome and delicious food.  

Bay is close to home for Darin. He joked that when he enrolled in classes, he tried to stay away from online classes, but it didn't work. Each one of Darin’s current business courses are online.  He has become more comfortable communicating with classmates and instructors using discussion boards and Blackboard’s other classroom management tools for his online courses. He said, “Last semester, I had trouble finding my class materials using Blackboard, but this semester I can navigate and quickly find the assignments I need. My confidence with online classes has definitely decreased my stress level.” When he had face-to-face classes in the past, he enjoyed the small class sizes and the one-on-one time with the instructors. 

He has been very pleased with his tutoring sessions and the services of the Student Success Center (SSC) on West Campus.  He has credited his increased confidence and comfort level at Bay to his professional relationship with Amber Hansen and Lorrie Vross who both work in the SSC. Darin continued, “Last semester was very demanding. Amber and Lorrie were both very supportive and understanding. They provided resources and tools that I needed to balance my life at home and school. They were kind and helpful, yet continued to help me focus on my goal which is a degree from Bay College.”  He knows the staff at Bay truly cares for his success.  He values several instructors for their effective teaching styles-Mary Kay Paul, Brent Madalinski and Ken Hinzman. He said, “I enjoy their classes because they really know their material.”

Darin feels at home at Bay because he likes small cities and loves being outdoors. He is happiest when he is by water, especially the Great Lakes.  He is married to Selina Smith and they have six children and three grandchildren.

“I am grateful for my education at Bay. It has given me exposure to a variety of aspects of the real business world,” he said. His teachers have pushed him out of his comfort zone. He knows they have his best interest in mind.