Dylan Anderson


Dylan Anderson sitting at a table smiling

Currently a sophomore at Bay College, Dylan Anderson is majoring in general science. After attending high school in Gladstone, Dylan started his first semester at Bay in fall 2019.

When he first came to Bay College, Dylan already had a lot to like about the school – he ultimately chose Bay because of its convenient location and the fact that it would help him save money during his first few years of college. As he continued his studies there, however, Dylan came to appreciate the quality of Bay’s staff and faculty members.

“I didn’t know this before, but the staff is very helpful,” he said.

He has also been enthusiastic about Bay College’s increased emphasis on online learning options in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This fall, about half of Dylan’s classes are online, and the other half are taking place in person.

“There can be a lot of flexibility with your schedule,” he said.

Dylan said one of his favorite classes at Bay College so far has been Environmental Science.

“The lab for that class was very engaging,” he said.

In this class, students learn about the natural world while visiting the Delta County Landfill, a local tree farm, and other locations in the area.

“It was nice to learn stuff about the community,” Dylan said.

Looking ahead, Dylan is planning to transfer to University of Michigan after the winter 2021 semester. There, he’s aiming to pursue a degree in architecture, which he became interested in after taking an online class on the subject while he was in high school.

According to Dylan, the people working at Bay College have helped him figure out what classes will transfer to University of Michigan and what credits he will need before he transfers there. Dylan also expressed appreciation for Bay’s “Guided Pathways” initiative, which is part of a national campaign intended to boost college graduation rates by helping students pick the career path that’s right for them.

“They definitely help you focus on a direction,” he said.

He noted that the science courses he has been taking at Bay will help him as he works towards an architecture degree downstate.

No matter what the future holds for Dylan, he said Bay College has given him an ideal beginning to his college years.

“It’s a nice place to start off – to make sure you really know what you want to do,” he said.