Elizabeth Farrell


For Bay College sophomore and Nursing major Elizabeth Farrell, choosing a career pathway was not a difficult process. She had been interested in going into nursing before she entered high school.

Elizabeth graduated from high school in Norway, MI in 2015. After taking a break from education while working full-time, she began studying at Bay at the start of the winter 2017 semester.

According to Elizabeth, she had been planning to take classes at Bay for quite a while.

“It was close to home, and I wasn’t really ready to … move away yet,” she said.

Her decision to major in nursing was also one she made early in life. In this case, she had made up her mind while she was still in middle school.

“I think it was seventh grade when I decided I wanted to,” Elizabeth said about her field of study.

While she primarily chose Bay due to its location, the school’s nursing program did have some impact on Elizabeth’s decision. Bay’s nursing program has been approved by the State of Michigan Board of Nursing, and it has been accredited with conditions through the Accrediting Commission for the Education of Nurses.

“I knew that it was a good program, and they made pretty good nurses,” she said.

One of Elizabeth’s favorite aspects of studying at Bay has been the simulation center used by nursing students at the college. In Bay’s advanced simulation center, students are able to complete a variety of medical scenarios involving the use of specialized training mannequins.

“It’s basically just a simulation that you go into, and you are a nurse, and you take care of a patient,” she said.

The simulation center at Bay’s Escanaba campus was established with support from the John and Melissa Besse Foundation. A center has been established at Bay College West in Iron Mountain, as well.

Elizabeth said her experience with the simulation center has allowed her to learn some things more effectively than standard, textbook-based classes could.

“It helps you be able to … hone in on your skills and become a better nurse,” she said.

Currently, Elizabeth expects to graduate from Bay at the end of the fall 2021 semester. At that point, she plans to transfer to another school.

“I’m going to continue my education to get my bachelor’s – I’m not sure at what college yet,” she said.

After earning her bachelor’s degree, Elizabeth is aiming to enter a physician assistant program. She has not yet decided where she wants to take this program.

Once she is finished working towards her degrees, Elizabeth has some ideas about what she wants to do with them.

“I’d like to do surgery at some point … I would like to be in an operating room or an emergency room,” she said.