Isaac Maki


Isaac Maki
Major: Pre-Engineering
Hometown: Gladstone, MI

While Isaac Maki is currently taking a full load of classes at Bay College, he has yet to officially graduate from Escanaba Senior High School. In fact, he is technically in his fifth year as a high school student.

“I’m in the early college program at Escanaba, so I’m going to get my high school diploma at the end of the winter 2023 semester,” he said.

At the same point, Isaac said he would also be “really close” to earning his associate degree from Bay.

Isaac said he decided to participate in the early college program after hearing it regularly discussed at his high school.

“They talk about it a ton at my school – saying that I could stay at home and get a free year of college,” he said.

Currently, he is majoring in pre-engineering – a decision he said was sparked by his interest in math in general and calculus specifically. He also said his experience as a full-time college student has been going well so far.

“It’s definitely a lot harder than high school, but I’m passing my classes. It’s a lot more freedom, too – you have to force yourself to put in the work,” Isaac said.

According to Isaac, Bay’s modest class sizes and attentive instructors have helped make his college life more manageable.

“I do like that I’m still in a small class where you can ask teachers stuff,” he said.

After Isaac graduates from Escanaba Senior High School and Bay College in 2023, he plans to continue his college education elsewhere in Michigan.

“I’m either going to go to Michigan State or Michigan Tech, and I’ve applied to both of them,” he said.

Wherever he ends up going, he aims to switch his major from pre-engineering to chemical engineering. This decision was inspired by his interest in science, since this field would allow him to utilize his passions for science and math alike.

Isaac said he was glad to start his college education at Bay and encouraged anyone in the same boat to strongly consider this option.

“If the classes you want to take are here, do it – especially if you can do the early college program. College is still super-expensive, so you might as well save some money,” he said.