Kim Kennedy


Kim Kennedy

For years, Bay College sophomore Kim Kennedy has had an interest in how computers work – and how to fix them. She now plans to use this interest (and the knowledge she has gained at Bay) as the foundation of a new career.

In 2014, Kim graduated from Gladstone Area High School. After taking a few years off to search for work, she signed up to attend Bay in 2018.

“I primarily wanted to come back to learn more about computers. I want to work in IT security,” she said.

Kim has been fascinated by computer maintenance since she first owned a computer.

“I had issues fixing some of my computers in the past, and I wanted to learn how to fix computers in general,” she said.

Because of this, she took some PC technology classes at the Delta-Schoolcraft ISD while she was a high school student. Years later, she chose to go to Bay to explore this interest further.

“There were more opportunities to learn here,” Kim said.

Kim started studying at Bay in the fall 2018 semester and has been there ever since. At this point, she has completed all the classes she needs for her degree. Her focus is now on finding and completing an internship in the field. Once she meets this requirement, she will be able to earn her associate degree in Computer Network Systems and Security.

According to Kim, her classes generally went well once she got used to life as a college student.

“I struggled with classes at first, but I got the hang of it,” she said.

Kim has also participated in Bay’s extracurricular offerings, having joined the school’s Gaming Galaxy club during her time as a student.

“That club is where I met most of my friends,” she said.

As the winter 2022 semester approaches its end, Kim is still looking at her options after graduating from Bay.

“Currently, I’m not 100 percent sure what I’ll do. I’m thinking about transferring, but if not, I’ll go look for a job in my field,” she said.

Whatever she ends up doing, Kim thanked the people working at Bay for assisting in her efforts to earn a degree.

“The staff and faculty at Bay were always great and helped me get through things. I wouldn’t have been able to get through my classes as easily without that help,” she said.