Kim Thomas


Kim Thomas smiling

Kimberly Thomas is from Upper Michigan and has spent most of her life growing up in Quinnesec, Michigan. Kimberly attended Norway High School, and graduated with a diploma after finishing out her education through the Adult Education Program. 

Kimberly chose to attend Bay College (Bay) because it was close to home, and after talking to previous students who had attended she was sure she’d receive the support she needed to reach her goals. Kimberly benefited from services through the Student Success Center, as well as the TRIO Program, which is available to all students. Both of these services helped her gain the confidence and the tools she has needed in order to be a successful college student.

In addition, each of her instructors has made a huge impact in her life from her school work to who she is as a person. Kimberly shared, “to single out one instructor is not possible because they all have gone above and beyond to help me improve. From one-on-one meetings and late night emails answering questions before a test to looking over essays and caring about what was happening in my personal life, Bay instructors go above and beyond.”

One thing that surprised Kimberly about Bay was the compassion and care the teachers displayed, “I was able to see teachers support the individual needs of students that ranged from high school students to the students who were 50 years or older.”

Kimberly’s dream job is to work with adults and children whose lives have been affected by addiction. Whether it is one-on-one or group counseling, she wants to help people put their lives back together once they have reached sobriety. “I want to help people who are walking in the shoes that I once wore. I am not perfect, but I know I will be able to help someone get through the rough times in life,” she said.

Kimberly is currently working on an AAS General Studies, as well as AAS GAS Human Services Concentrate. She has been accepted to Lake Superior State University (LSSU) and plans to transfer to complete her bachelor’s degree.

“Once I finish up my degree through LSSU, I will move on to the University of Green Bay to receive my Master’s Degree so I can get my hands in the works of helping people,” said Kimberly. She has chosen this career path due to her own personal experiences and knows she can relate to individuals who are working through life struggles.