Summer Swick


Young female college student smiling wearing glasses and hooded sweatshirt

Meet Summer Swick! Summer is from Pembine, Wisconsin and is in her third year at Bay West pursuing a Sociology degree. What she loves most about Sociology is how it can help you better understand the people around you. Summer is also a talented artist and enjoys drawing in her free time. When asked, she says her dream job would be to run her own cartoon or become an art teacher! When it came to choosing a college to attend after graduating from Pembine High School, Summer knew she wanted to come to Bay! “I picked Bay College because I heard it was a small, close knit campus, which really appealed to me as someone whose high school was also really close-knit.”

One thing that surprised Summer about attending college at Bay College is how much the instructors are committed to the success of their students. Summer also mentions Bay West’s Sociology instructor, Terri Doepker, as having a positive impact on her experience as a student at Bay. “Terri Doepker has had a massive impact on me. Her passion for what she teachers is contagious and very inspirational!”

Recently, Summer was a part of the Bay is the Way Day on the West Campus, where she did an incredible job of discussing with high school seniors from the area why she loves attending Bay. Summer cites how well most students at Bay know one another as one of the reasons she loves Bay. She describes the campus as feeling like a second home to her with its friendly and safe environment. When asked what advice she’d give new and potential Bay College students, Summer says to “definitely ask questions! People are here to help you!” You can find Summer on the West Campus most days throughout the week, so make sure to say hello if you see her around!