Victoria Peterson


Close-up of Victoria Peterson at Bay West smiling wearing a purple shirt

Victoria Peterson, known by her friends as Tori, originated from Kingsford, MI, where she attended Kingsford High School and graduated in 2016. She decided to attend Bay College – West Campus (Bay West) to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. Tori wanted to stay in the community she was familiar with. She decided to pursue a degree in Law Enforcement and is benefiting from the savings and personalized instruction. She chose this degree because of the corruption in the police force and hopes to make a positive impact in the field. After receiving both associate degrees, she will attend Lake Superior State University (LSSU) where she will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Tori then plans to attend the police academy offered by Northern Michigan University (NMU). Her dream job is to be an undercover detective in Chicago, IL.

Bay College offers her a home-like environment she has needed to succeed. Attending college full-time and having two part-time jobs is stressful, so attending Bay College meant she could still at home, save money and ease her way into a large institution. One instructor who has had a huge impact on Tori is Britt Slade. Britt is an incredible math instructor and a huge inspiration. Britt, takes the time to make sure each student is successful in not only her class, but in every class they take. Tori said, “It is instructors like Britt who gave me the confidence to stay at Bay College.”

Tori could not imagine where she would be now if it were not for Bay College. She is a first generation college student. “Everyone at Bay cares about you not only as a student, but as a person. They want to make sure you succeed both in life and college,” said Tori. Bay College is working with her to help her achieve her dream of becoming an undercover detective in Chicago, IL.