RAVE Panic Button

A safety app for your smart device

Man hands holding mobile phone using the RAVE Panic Button app

About the RAVE App

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The RAVE Panic Button is an employee app for smart devices to contact 911 or report suspicious activity to college personnel.  What's the advantage? If you just dial 911 you need to explain to dispatch where you are and what the situation is. When you use the RAVE Panic Button 911 dispatch knows where you are on campus and what type of emergency. Also, when you use the app to report an Active Shooter (or other major situation) you will kick off an automatic notification that will reach ALL other employees who are RAVE app participants.

Participation is voluntary but encouraged. The RAVE app is one of the tools we use to broadcast emergency notifications. It is not the only tool, but it is a powerful time-saving notification system. Participation is automated if Human Resources has your cell phone number. If you receive an error when activating the app, let us know. If your children sometimes use your phone, be especially careful to not locate this app on your device near games and other frequently used apps.


App Configuration and Use

Configuration is a Two-Step Process
  1. Click the app on your phone and enter your cell phone number (NO SPACES). Make sure the app is set to allow use of your location and accept push notifications.
  2. The system will send you a 6 digit confirmation code which you will enter. After this you’re all set.
Using the RAVE App

To activate any of the buttons, you need to press the button for 1.5 seconds. A second screen will then be displayed to essentially confirm your emergency communication, thus significantly decreasing the possibility of an inadvertent push. If you are on campus, other key employees will immediately be alerted of the situation. The "Active Shooter" button immediately notifies all employees.

The Panic Button will function whether you are on campus or not. However, if you use the button outside of campus and surrounding grounds, you will not be notifying others of the emergency. While the app is a direct line of communication with Escanaba Police, emergency medical personnel, and the local fire department, you should always contact 911 using whatever is the quickest way possible.

Getting RAVE App Notifications when Your Phone is Silenced

Federal Regulations do not permit RAVE to override phone settings. However, the following work around for Apple and Android devices will allow your phone to make audible notifications even when set to silent or do not disturb (DND) mode.

  1. Launch the general "Settings" application on your phone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the "Notifications" option.
  3. Select " Advanced" at the top of the screen OR app specific notifications (will vary by phone).
  4. Scroll down and select the RAVE application.
  5. Toggle the "Override Do Not Disturb" option OR "Set as Priority" option (will vary by type of phone).
  1. In your contacts, create a new contact called "RAVE Emergency" and list the phone number as 22911. When you type it in, it will appear as 229-11.
  2. In the settings for this new contact, set the "Text Tone" to a unique sound, like "Signal." Consider also setting the vibration setting to something unique like "S.O.S."
  3. Toggle the "Emergency Bypass" option to green (tum it on).
  4. Click "Done" twice, and you are all set.

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