Liberal Arts

Explore Liberal Arts degrees at Bay College

Why a Minor in Liberal Arts?

Bay College supports students who choose a very specific degree program by offering a minor in Liberal Arts. This minor is an individualized program plan created with a faculty advisor with a transfer institution in mind. Attending Bay College and achieving a Liberal Arts degree with a specific minor allows you to complete your Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) and some introductory courses to complete your bachelor degree at a cost-saving to you!


Why Bay College?

Bay College strives to provide our students highly transferable course options. Our credits are easily transferred to most Michigan schools as well as many out of state and online institutions. Our AA and AS transfer degree options include the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), which is accepted at 4-year Michigan schools as well as some out of state institutions.  Bay College also actively participates in Reverse Transfer to assist you in earning your Associate degree if you leave Bay College prior to completion. By using the courses you take at your next institution, you can transfer them back to Bay College to receive your Associate degree while pursuing your Bachelor degree.

Degree Options
Certificate/DegreeCompletion CreditsContact Hours
Athletic Training/Sports Science60.00
Entertainment/Sports Promotion60.00
Liberal Arts60.00
Recreation Management60.00