Entrepreneurial Small Business

Certificate program at Bay College

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Why Entrepreneurial Small Business?

If you desire to be your own boss, have the aptitude of a risk taker, and consider yourself a creative person, this certificate is for you! The Entrepreneurial Small Business Certificate is designed to provide students with a practical approach to learning the basics of running a business. General business theory, business operations, and communicating effectively with a business environment will be the main focus.


Why Bay College?

The Entrepreneurial Small Business certificate program at Bay College prepares students that wish to start their own business for real world situations that can arise in the business environment. In the program, they will build a strong foundation of business skill-sets that will allow them to grow as a business owner, communicator, manager, or more! A certificate in small business can also supplement other degrees to enhance employability and increase abilities.

Certificate Options
Certificate/DegreeCompletion CreditsContact Hours
Entrepreneurial Small Business (Certificate)34.00

Career Opportunities

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