Geographic Information Systems

Degree program at Bay College

Global telecommunication network, nodes connected around earth, internet, worldwide communication

Why Geographic Information Systems?

Geospatial studies encompasses several learning domains including geography (study of the features of the Earth) and geodesy (study of the measurement and representation of the Earth), and is used with cartography, geographic information systems, and geospatial analysis to solve problems in a variety of disciplines ranging from life sciences to military to health care fields. Computer and mobile application-based tools such as spatial analysis, 3D mapping, and geovisualization make this career both engaging and challenging.



Why Bay College?

The Geographic Information Systems program at Bay College  prepares students to pursue a number of careers in the GIS field. Lab 400 (HATC Bldg) houses our new ArcGIS Advanced Desktop lab.  Workstations are Quad Core Intel Xeon processors with high definition graphic capability, 16 Gig of RAM, AMD FirePro video, and use Windows 10 OS. All are running ArcGIS 10.3.1 and students taking the GIS 201 Introduction to GIS course receive a great deal of exposure to the software, data types, and how to present the data in a map or poster.  Geographic Information Systems is currently used locally by county governments to plan residential and business expansions, water and waste water departments to track equipment, forestry to plan forests and harvesting, and even by real estate and investors to decide on where to purchase land to build a business.

Degree Options
Certificate/DegreeCompletion CreditsContact Hours
Geographic Information Systems61.00

Beyond Bay College

The Geographic Information Systems department at Bay College is pleased to announce the completion of the Northern Michigan University Transfer Guide to the four-year Geomatics degree at NMU!

While completing the GIS degree, students must also complete the following additional courses (MATH 210, ENGL 102, one Soc Sci, two Humanities, and BIOL 108 lab while taking BIOL 107) in order to complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). These courses can be taken at Bay College at lower tuition and for far less room and board while staying at home. Once completed the student will graduate from Bay College with an AAS in Geographic Information Systems and then transfer as a junior to Northern Michigan University's Geomatics four-year program.


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