Certificate program at Bay College

Engineer working on equipment in a factory

Why Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is a relatively new term used to describe how computers control electrical and mechanical systems. Mechatronics is present in any automated system, from HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) systems to robotic assembly lines. This program is designed to give students the basic technical knowledge and skills needed to install, repair, and maintain electromechanical, fluid power, process control systems. Students will have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning in a grant funded equipment lab where they will work on models of a multi-stage assembly line. Those interested can also continue to complete their AAS in Mechatronics and Robotic Systems.


Why Bay College?

The Mechatronics certificate program at Bay College is a Fanuc certified for robotics course. Students who complete ELEC 240 Real Time Robotic Systems and ELEC 245 Robotic Vision Systems will receive certification that is accepted as equal to Fanuc’s industry leading robotics training. Eligible students can also complete a co-op or internship in the area of Mechatronics and Robotics Systems to gain real-world experience that can benefit them in future careers.

Certificate Options
Certificate/DegreeCompletion CreditsContact Hours
Mechatronics (Certificate)32.00

Beyond Bay College

Students interested in transferring to a four-year institution to obtain a bachelor's degree or higher may find opportunities in the following areas of study:

  • Electrical Engineering Technician
  • Electronics Engineering Technician
  • Robotics Technician
  • Industrial Engineering Technologist
Skills USA

Students who wish to test their skills in competition may choose to participate in the Bay Skills USA chapter. The Bay Skills USA group is for everyone interested in improving skills in their chosen field of study and competing at local, state, and national levels. Bay Skills works under Skills USA, serving teachers and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical, and skilled service occupations, including health occupations. For more information regarding Skills USA, please visit


Career Opportunities

Certificate holders can find employment in a variety of fields and industries as:

  • Industrial Maintenance Technicians
  • Process Control Technicians
  • Instrumentation Technicians

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