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What's in your future? Deciding on a career? Need a change? Looking for new skills?  Become your best self at Bay College. Caring instructors and support teams are with you all the way while your earn a career certificate, degree, transfer credits or job skills. Experience Bay today, it is an investment in YOU and YOUR future!



Michigan Reconnect

Are you age 21 or older? You may qualify for free or reduced college! Michigan Reconnect is a scholarship program that pays for you to attend your local community college tuition-free. You can use the scholarship to complete an associate degree or a skill certificate program.

Just graduating from high school? Michigan offers Achievement Scholarships for college and careers training for recent graduates.


Flexible Learning Options

Learn on campus, online, or in hybrid format with 80+ programs to chose.

Student Profiles

Silas Breault

Silas Breault

As of November 2023, Bay College freshman Silas Breault has only taken college classes for a few...

Kristen Tuskan

Kristen Tuskan

Bay College sophomore Kristen Tuskan said she used to be “apprehensive” about the idea of taking classes...

Joe Ofori

Joe Ofori

Though Bay College freshman Joshua “Joe” Ofori is studying pre-physical therapy at Bay while...

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Career Pathways

Applied Technology

Applied Technology

Gain real world, hands-on experience using technology for a career in industrial, municipal and environmental operations.

Art & Commincation

Art & Communication

Explore your creativity and express yourself through photography, video, visual design, literature, language, and theater.



Explore the many areas of the business world focusing on accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, selling, marketing, and management.

Computer and Information Technology


Optimize computer networks, secure data, manage information and develop cutting-edge apps in this ever-changing, opportunity rich field.

Criminal Justice & Law

Criminal Justice & Law

Protect and serve your local community, state, nation and the world so that everyone can live in a safe and secure environment.

Health Care


Focus on improving health, enhancing quality of life, patient care and saving lives in this high demand, fast growing job market.

Human Service/Education

Human Service/Education

Develop your passion for people in careers dedicated to helping those in need, educating future generations and advancing communities.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math


Research, innovate, design, and advance technology to shape the future in high demand, high paying  science, tech, engineering, math careers.

Paying for College

College is one of the most important investments you'll make in life and Bay College is an exceptional value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Bay College questions answered.

  • Your first step to college funding is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA allows you to access aid including Pell Grants (money that you do not have to pay back), federal loans, and work study. For more information, visit Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
  • Scholarships may be available online or through community sources. For more information visit Bay College Scholarships.
  • Payment plans are available. For more information visit Bay College Payment Plans.
  • Several classes at Bay do not require you to purchase a book, instead opting to use Open Educational Resources (OER). You may still opt to purchase the physical textbook at a greatly discounted price from the bookstore. For more information visit Bay College Open Education.
  • If you are eligible, the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver may help if you meet the guidelines. For more information visit Bay College Michigan Programs.
  • If you are eligible for Veteran Benefits, Bay will help you access your benefits. For more information visit Bay College Veterans Benefits.
  • Alternative and private loans may be secured. For more information visit Bay College Alternative Loans.
  • Michigan Works! has access to state funding for eligible individuals seeking training in local gainful employment. Michigan Works! may also be able to assist with paying for job-specific career needs (supportive services). For instance, a Welder who needs a mask or steel-toed boots may be eligible. For more information inquire at Michigan Works.
  • Bay's Financial Aid Office is available to discuss all of your options. For more information visit Bay College Financial Aid.
  • At Bay College, we see each student as a whole person who has needs that extend well beyond the classroom. To accommodate as many needs as possible, we have built many services.
  • There are many Bay Perks that you receive as a student. For more information, visit the Bay Perks webpage.
  • The Bay College Food Pantry is open to all students. For more information, visit  Bay Perks.
  • The Career Closet offers gently-used clothing at no charge. While primarily meant as a resource for career-wear (including medical scrubs) you could also take clothes for date night, a wedding, or everyday wear. No need to return items – they’re yours to keep.
  • For Delta County residents, the Delta Area Transit Authority (DATA) may be able to assist you getting to and from class. For more information visit, visit the Delta Area Transit Authority webpage.
  • The Upper Peninsula Commission for Area Progress (UPCAP) is an exceptional resource to connect to community services for assistance including bill payment, childcare, transportation, and more. Dial 2-1-1.
  • Talk to our Financial Aid Office. They are there to assist you in accessing resources to move you forward. For more information, visit the Bay College Financial Aid webpage.
  • Advisors will work with you to select a schedule that will work with your life.
  • You can choose to be a full-time or a part-time student. Many of our adult students choose to start their college experience by taking 1 or 2 classes in the first semester.
  • In addition to in-seat classes, we also have lots of online courses and hybrid courses (a smaller amount of time spent in the classroom along with online content). In fact, we even have full degrees that you can complete online. For more information, visit Bay College Online Courses.
  • Staying organized will really help you be successful in classes. Schedule study time in addition to your family and work obligations. As a general rule (and this does vary by class), students should plan on 2-3 hours of study outside of class for every hour spend in class.
  • You are more accomplished than you think. We hire our students as tutors and we work with your schedule to help you earn some money between classes. You will be trained and provided resources for this opportunity. Visit the Bay College Student Success Center or apply online to become a tutor.
  • You might find navigating college courses and the details challenging. The TRIO program provides professional mentoring in all things college and has a proven track record in helping student be successful, graduate and transfer. Offering students this mentoring provides you an easy place to check in with your questions and get the resources you need. Apply to Bay College online!
  • Yes! Regardless of what your grades were in high school, how long it’s been since you were in school, or how “book smart” you believe you are - we believe in you because we see people just like you every day who are doing great in college!
  • We have tutoring services (we call this “Academic Support”) offered at no charge and at the times that work for you. We can even tutor you online! For more information, visit the Bay College Academic Support.
  • Our average class size is 15 people so we provide personal attention in classes – even the online ones. Our small classes are by design… we want to be present with you. When you are struggling, we want to give you options for assistance. When you are rocking your class, we want to celebrate with you!
  • Many of our adult students express concern over “fitting in” with younger students. At Bay College, we have many lifelong learners! In fact, roughly half of our students are over the age of 25. Those who express this concern often check in and tell us how much they enjoy the variety of ages in their classes and that they feel it adds to the educational experience.
  • The Office of Accessibility strives to reduce the impact of a disability on a student’s opportunity to learn and participate in campus life. For more information, visit Bay College Accommodations.
  • If you need some unbiased advice, to talk something out, or just someone to listen, Counseling Services are available on campus for free. For more information, visit Counseling Services.
  • With 6 or more college credits taken in a semester, you have full access to the Delta and Dickinson County YMCA! For more information, visit Northern Lights YMCA.
  • On the Escanaba campus, Bay offers walking trails, soccer fields, and a labyrinth.
  • Meditation, yoga, and other restorative health services are offered on both campuses, including a sensory room.
  • SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lights are available for you to boost those serotonin levels!
  • The best thing to do before starting college is to gather information about careers in your area. Michigan's Hot 50 Jobs publication highlights high-wage careers that show a favorable mix of long-term job growth, projected annual job openings, and median wages. For more information, visit the Michigan's Hot 50 Jobs webpage.
  • If you are interested in a skilled-based program at Bay College, faculty members will provide you great insight. For more information, email the Bay%20College%20Admissions%20Office.
  • Personality and “soft skills” are what will get you jobs after you have the skills you need. Soft skills include, teamwork, communication skills, eye contact, dependability, conflict resolution, problem-solving, a strong work ethic, and integrity.
  • Bay College can assist with resume writing and soft-skill building.