Clubs and Activities

Get involved on and off campus

Female student painting on a canvas

There's always something to do at Bay College. Get involved on and off campus by participating in such clubs and organizations as the Campus Activities Board, Business Professional of America, Art Club and Gaming Galaxy just to name a few. Please contact the Bay College Director of Student Life for more information about joining or starting a student club or organization.

Art Club is a group of students from Bay College drawn together by our passion for art and creativity. AC is for like-minded people to conveniently get updates on what’s happening locally and globally in the art world. AC also provides a stepping off point for networking between students, faculty, alumni, and prospective employers. Encouraging artistic fundraising opportunities, as well as, interaction between each academic level of academics and professionals. We hope to promote unity and collaboration among art & design students and their local community and to connect with the rest of the art world by attending conferences, galleries, museums and other cultural events. For more information, email club advisor Kristine%20Granger.
AEC is for anyone going into the field of education. Build local and professional relationships to help you be successful in your career! For more information, email club advisor Danielle%20Wotchko.
BACM is an ecumenical organization supported by a variety of Christian denominations, local churches and individuals. Its purpose is to encourage and provide resources and opportunities for students to grow in their faith journeys and to offer a witness to God's love for all. Activities include a free fellowship meal on Monday nights as supplied by area churches on the Escanaba Campus, and free lunch on Thursdays at Bay West.
The Bay Area Water Tech Association provides special programming and services for interested Water Technology students. For more information, email club advisor Larry%20Sundling.
The Purpose of the Bay College Anime Club is to give students a fun, worry free, venue where they can show anime, discuss the particulars of anime/otaku culture in a worry free environment. For more information, email club advisor%20Dave%20Laur or visit the Bay College Anime Club on Facebook.
Like engines? This club is for you! From building rat rods to learning from each other, the Bay College Automotive Club is the place for you! For more information, email club advisor Mike%20Garder.
The Bay Democrat Club serves to unite students who share a passion for progressive ideals, community involvement and volunteerism, and political activism to drive positive change. Join us in working towards a more just and equitable future! For more information, please contact advisor Kari%20Meunier.
BPA is the leading career technical student organization for students pursuing careers in business, business management, office administration, information technology, and other career related fields. BPA is an organization dedicated to contributing the preparation of a world class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. In 2014, the student club, Business Professionals of America (BPA) was formed at Bay College and the Lake Superior State University Regional Center. Kathryn Capodilupo (Bianga), Bay College Outstanding Business Graduate 2014, was the club’s inaugural President. BPA is centered on three core components: Community Service, Leadership, and Business Competitions. Students demonstrate community involvement by helping out at various Delta County United Way events, they develop leadership skills by leading various initiatives, and enhance their business skills by competing at the State Leadership Conference and the National Leadership Conference. For more information, email club advisor Brent%20Madalinski.
The Campus Activities Board (CAB) plans a wide variety of activities for both the campus and the community. These include comedians, speakers, music acts, and special events among others. CAB is student run and advised by the Director of Student Life. for more information, email club advisor Dave%20Laur or visit CAB on Facebook.
The Civics Corps hosts intergenerational conversations and helps community organizations meet their civic missions.  Through service, students practice and build professional/life skills centered on learning and service. The Civics Corps is non-partisan and does not affiliate with or support political parties or candidates. Through their work, participants in the Civics Corps commit to supporting civility and civic well-being by maturely role-modeling and practicing: respectful and positive interactions between individuals and groups, growth mindsets, problem-solving and dialogue skills, consensus decision making, and professionalism.  For more information, email club advisor Dr.%20June%20Klees.
This Early Childhood and Development Club is an opportunity that promotes professionalism in the Early Childhood Program and supports the enrichment of children's lives. For more information, email club advisor Tammra%20Houseman.
The Bay College EMT & Paramedic Club strives to enrich the experience and education of students enrolled in the Bay College EMT and Paramedic program. Additionally, the Club enhances the EMT and Paramedic program by supporting these programs through activities on campus and in the community. For more information, email club advisor Amy%20Anderson.
Welcome to Gaming Galaxy! Started by video game lovers for video game lovers, this organization embraces all things gaming. From the Odyssey and Atari to the Super Nintendo and PS4, we love games! Gaming Galaxy meets weekly to discuss and play a different aspect of gaming. Once a semester Gaming Galaxy hosts a "Game Night", featuring multiple systems across many projection screens and old-school TVs. We hope to see you there! For more information, email club advisor Dave%20Laur or visit Gaming Galaxy on Facebook.
The Multicultural Club is a student group working to acknowledge our own accountability, unchain the system barriers cast upon many, create community amongst people from all different backgrounds and identities through hosting events, and expand upon the communities’ knowledge of different cultures to develop a better level of understanding on a local society scale. For more information, email Amy%20Reddinger with information about our next meeting.
The goal of Norse Force is to bring the Bay College community together, support Bay College athletics, and have fun! For more information, email club advisor Todd%20Ciochetto.
Bay College offers honors recognition through Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society for students demonstrating academic excellence. Honors Program Scholars are strongly encouraged to join Phi Theta Kappa, and actively participate in Phi Theta Kappa activities and service projects. For more information, email club advisor Joe%20Shaw.
Bay College's Pride Club is a student-run organization representing LGBTQ+ students, friends, and allies. Their goal is to foster a safe and supportive environment for students regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. For more information, email club advisor Amy%20Reddinger.
The STEM Club takes tours of local businesses that employ STEM majors, takes part in community STEM events, and makes campus visits to U.P. universities.  For more information, email club advisor Spencer%20Slade.
The Student Nurses Association is for students enrolled in Bay's LPN and ADN programs. This organization provides special programming for interested nursing students. The Student Nurses' Association also mentors the professional development of future registered nurses and facilitates their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance. For more information, email club advisor Jennifer%20Farnsworth.
TRIO Club provides students the opportunity to get to know other students and to develop leadership skills through the planning of social, cultural, and community service activities for TRIO students and friends of TRiO. The club annually sponsors trips to cultural events and four-year campuses. For more information, email club advisor Erica%20Mead or visit TRIO on Facebook.