Campus Safety

Reporting, surveillance and policies

Joseph Heirman University Center

Safety Reports

Bay College prepares an Annual Security Report in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act. This report contains information regarding reporting of crimes and other emergencies occurring on campus, the college’s security policies, and the crime arrest and referral statistics reported to designated campus officials and local law enforcement agencies.


Bay College maintains high-definition video cameras throughout buildings and grounds, on both our Main and West campuses, to promote a safe environment for students, employees, and guests.

Safety Training

Bay College provides interactive ongoing safety training for employees, which is then taught to students in the classroom and practiced routinely in offices. Board of Trustees Policy 1040 Safety and Security governs safety and security expectations on Bay College campuses.

Chemical Safety

Bay College strives to protect all members of the College community from the health and environmental hazards presented by chemicals. We define procedures, safety equipment specifications, and work practices in our Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) and expect them to be properly enforced, implemented, and observed. The Departmental Chemical Hygiene Officer (DCHO) is responsible for implementing the provisions of the CHP. College employees are responsible for observing the provisions of the CHP and for reporting unsafe conditions to their immediate supervisor. Students are responsible for following the Lab Standards outlined by their instructors. For more information, please contact Steve Carlson, Coordinator of Departmental Chemical Hygiene Officers at 906-217-4080.