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Nurse working with the Nursing Ann simulator

The Gift of Giving

Do you ever stop and think about what impactful gifts you have received in life? Education is a journey, a lifelong opportunity to gain knowledge, broaden skill sets, make lifelong connections, and impact futures. Learning provides countless gifts and experiences that last a lifetime.

Bay College works hard every day to discover new ways to give students the best education possible. This year, we are seeking your support to procure “Nursing Anne,” a human simulation training platform for each campus to better prepare nursing students, paramedics and healthcare workers.

Strong assessment skills are the cornerstone of competent providers practicing in the healthcare field. The addition of Nursing Anne to Bay College’s simulation family and curriculum will allow us to stay on the cutting edge of healthcare education and provide students with the applied learning opportunities the industry demands.

Simulation experiences have been phenomenal for our students. It creates a realistic environment that encourages students to further develop their critical thinking skills. We know our simulation center has made a significant difference in the quality of learning experiences here in Bay's health career programs.

- Linda Lewandowski RN, MSN- Dean of Allied Health

 Students can safely and realistically practice core skills from basic assessment and critical thinking to advanced interventions. Through simulation learning experiences, Bay College is shaping confident, competent healthcare providers for our community. They may save your life!

I feel more confident in my clinical skills with simulation, especially when placing an NG tube.

- Bay College Nursing Student

Simulated patient care scenarios at Bay College have elevated our healthcare education to the next level.

- Mary Schwalbach, MSN, RN

The Nursing Anne Simulator will be utilized in all Allied Health programs, supporting training on each campus, Escanaba & West in areas such as:

  • Nursing Fundamentals
  • Pharmacology
  • Health Assessment
  • Medical-Surgical
  • Emergency Care
  • Mental Health
  • Annual Competencies

Simulation is an awesome opportunity for students and faculty to collaborate through the learning process of assessment from the beginning of our program to the end.

- Evelyn Norkoli, MSN, RN

Simulation is very realistic and very tough for me. I have learned more about my strengths and weaknesses and feel better equipped to work with patients.

- Bay College Nursing Student

Nursing Ann Simulator

Nursing Anne will advance the way we teach, starting from day one in fundamental labs through final assessments for graduation. The allied health program is so excited to add this amazing teaching tool, allowing Bay College to even better prepare students.

– Nicole Wagner, Nursing Simulation Coordinator

Will You Help?

Whether you support “Nursing Anne” or another area of your choosing, right now Bay College students need you on their team with your best gift possible. You have amazing power when you invest in higher education – the power to change lives, remove barriers, expand opportunities, and help students attain an affordable education. Education is endless, it is the gift that keeps on giving. It all starts with you!  Choose your passion, open doors and unleash potential. The choice is yours.