Keep calm and get a tutor

Bay College tutor assisting two female college students

Tutoring and Study Groups

Tutoring is available for any Bay College course. Tutoring at Bay is very popular because it helps students be efficient and effective with their study time outside of class. Consider requesting tutoring for your more challenging courses as early on in the semester as possible. The sooner tutoring starts, the more effective it will be. 

Depending on the course that a student is requesting help in, they will be put into either a one-on-one tutoring session led by a peer tutor or a group study session led by a study group facilitator. These sessions are scheduled based on student availability once a request is made. Tutoring can be set up in the evenings or can be done online using video conferencing software to make it as convenient as possible for students.

Tutoring is also a great employment opportunity for students. Not only are you able to help your peers, but you can build your resume and develop positive references for future employment opportunities. We are always looking for patient and open-minded students to work in the Student Success Center as tutors and study group facilitators.