Online Hybrid Courses

Virtual meetings and online content combined

Female student studying

An online hybrid course is a blended course that combines scheduled virtual meetings with content delivered online. Days and times of virtual meetings are provided within the college course schedule which also indicates an online course component.

Course Code Course Title Instructional Delivery Free or Low Cost Textbook
COMM 103 Interpersonal Communication Online, 
On Campus
Interpersonal Communications OER
CHLD 101 Foundations in Early Childhood Care Online-Hybrid  
CHLD 150 Ethics & Equity in Early Childhood Online-Hybrid  
CHLD 160 Intro to Assess in Early Childhood Online-Hybrid  
CHLD 202 Exceptional Children in E Childhood Online-Hybrid  
CHLD 232 Curriculum Devt & Assessment II Online-Hybrid  
EDUC 202 Educational Psychology Online-Hybrid  
EDUC 210 Exploring Teaching Online-Hybrid  

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