Transfer from Bay College

Continue your education beyond Bay College

Thinking about transferring to another institution? Students may send Bay College transcripts to other institutions and request transfer of credits to that school. Students must follow transfer guidelines as established by other institutions. Work directly with the university program you are transferring into to maximize your transfer credits. The information provided below will answer many of your questions. Please contact the Director of Transfer and Student Advising with any further questions.

Transfer Information

Michigan Public Universities
Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities
Wisconsin Colleges and Universities
Reverse Transfer

Reverse transfer is a process where credits earned at the four-year college or university after transferring from Bay College are transferred back to Bay to determine if you are eligible for an associate degree. Transfer students may indicate their interest in reverse transfer by contacting registration_FROM_BAY_COLLEGE, and by having an official transcript sent from their four-year college or university to Bay College. Bay will evaluate the coursework to determine if Bay degree requirements are met and if a degree will be awarded. Any Bay College degree or other credential will be awarded in the semester or year all final requirements are met.